Tian Tan Buddha

Varun's Trail

Visited the largest Buddha in the Lantau Island of Hong Kong. It was cloudy, misty and there were showers while we were hill top. The atmosphere is simply phenomenal there. The location amidst the fog/mist and waves of cloud gives a spiritual account.


The offerings of the Six Devas – flowers, incense. lamp, ointment, fruit and music symbolizing generosity, morality, patience, zeal, meditation and wisdom. VBDSC_8475VBDSC_8476VBDSC_8478VBDSC_8479VBDSC_8480VBDSC_8481VBDSC_8495

An Indian custom that has found its way to the east. Holy water to bathe the idol for the faithful. VBDSC_8496VBDSC_8498VBDSC_8500VBDSC_8448VBDSC_8451VBDSC_8431

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